CD’s available now on Snail Records

The CD O LYKOS is now available directly on the Kranides Artist Page of Snail Records! From the 1st of March, the music will also be available on various digital platforms.
Price is 14 euros including shipping worldwide. Since we recorded and mixed the album in higher resolution (88.2kHz / 24 bit), the music is also on offer as download in various hi-resolution formats for 18 euro’s, and a more economic MP3 version of the whole album is available for 7 euro’s.

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Kranides release on Snail Records

Our debut album ‘O LYKOS’ (THE WOLF) will be released on the renowned worldmusic label Snail Records !The label is based in The Netherlands but active worldwide, with some big names in the worldmusic scene, such as Gipsy legends Ljiljana Buttler, Saban, and the Mostar Sevdah Reunion band, but also Russian virtuoso trio Loyko, Iraqi star singer Farida, and many other excellent musicians and singers from around the world.
We are of course very happy to be part of the Snail family 🙂
We are working on a date for release, as well as release shows in Greece, and after that abroad. More news soon!


Since 2014 we have been working on our first album. It took a long time, with many interruptions due to other work, and life in general, but early 2016 we had all the songs ready in a rough version and we went for it. Planning was to record everything before the summer, to mix during the summer, print and release after the summer. We ran a crowdfunding campain in spring 2016 in order to finance pressing, artwork, and mechanical rights. The campain was a great succes, and donators from Holland, France and Greece brought together almost 100% of the funding target, which paid a substantial part of the production.
Now that we are finally ready to press the CD, we would like once more to emphasize our gratitude to the crowdfunders. While we managed to make this CD within a relatively small budget – for the high quality product that it is –  that small budget was for us here in Greece a big sum of money which we could not afford to pay all on our own.  And apart of financial support, it also felt great to know you people were waiting for us to finish the project! We hope you will enjoy the results! Our thanks also go to our musician friends who put their time and energy into this project without being paid. We will post some information on each of you on this site as soon as we find the time!

Some crowdfunders are:

Christophoros Rizos, Kostas Katsilis, Joop Caspers, Wouter Hollanders, Marjoleine Schoeman, Inez Huizinga, Leonieke Verhoog, Gretha Hollanders, Rob van Maanen, Irene van Donselaar, Trinet Constandse, Toos Andriesse, Maarten Grachten, Izhar Elias, Jules Fransen, Carl Cleves, Bernard Meulman, Ronald Rietman, Ben Engbers, and many others who prefer to remain anonymous.

Thank you very much and enjoy music and other beautiful things in life!

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KRANIDES is a project of Marifenia Rizou and Michiel Hollanders. We combine Greek roots with other world-music influences. Our bandname ‘Kranides’ refers to the village of Kranies up in the Pindos mountains behind Arta, where we started this project, and where part of the recordings were done. It is a place that never ceases to inspire us through the majesty of the mountains, the crisp clean air, and the quiet away from hectic life in today’s society.



Upcoming live shows are done with the following line-up:

Marifenia Rizou – vocals, laouto
Michiel Hollanders – guitars, claudeviol, musical saw
Kostas Klagos – contrabass
Giorgos Kotsikas – violin
Nikos Darilas – percussion


No upcoming shows scheduled

Ο ΛΥΚΟΣ / THE WOLF is our first album with 11 new compositions.  It is the result of 2 years of patient work, in collaboration with the Greek writer and poet Yiannis Kalpouzos, and a number of excellent guest musicians. The first 10 tracks of the album are songs, track 11 is a poem in a traditional Greek form which we have set to music.

Record label: Snail Records
Catalogue nr: SR66024
Recorded and mixed at Pindos Music, Arta, 2016 Mastering by Wim Bult
Artwork by Alexander van der Linden

1. Whatever you see, whatever you touch
2. The sea’s embrace
3. Commandmends
4. Journey
5. Your restless eyes
6. Passion’s routes
7. You are not forgotten, I do not forget you
8. As far as it goes, however it goes
9. The dwelling of the soul
10. Wish I was there, wish you were here

Musicians on ‘The Wolf’:
Marifenia Rizou – voice, laouto
Michiel Hollanders – guitars, claudeviol, oud, musical saw, laouto, fietsbandbas, percussion
Kostas Klagos (GR) – contrabass on track 2, 5, 6, 7, 10
Brice Soniano (FR) – contrabass on track 1, 4
Giorgos Floudas (GR) – violin on track 1, 5
Giorgos Kotsikas (GR) – violin on track 3
Marc Constandse (NL) – bandoneon on track 6, 9
Gerwil Kusters (NL) – baritone sax on track 3, 8

For booking or any other information,
feel free to get in touch!